BrainCore Therapy

What Is BrainCore Therapy?

BrainCore technology is based on a training procedure that effectively teaches people how to control their own brainwaves. It’s called neurological re-education, and would be classified as behavioral training. Dr. Lamboy, using data we collect, will give you the skills to self-regulate your brain activity.

Living with any type of neurological-based condition can wear on you mentally and physically. However, we aim to offer a better solution. BrainCore Therapy provides a unique, drugless approach to addressing the symptoms of many neurological-based conditions, including some of the following conditions and disorders:

• Autism/PDD-NOS
• Obsessive Compulsive Disorders
• Anxiety

• Depression
• Chronic Pain
• Insomnia
• Learning Disabilities
• Memory Loss

• Weight Loss
• Headaches/Migraines
• Addictions
• Peak Performance (in work, school, sports, and music)
• And Much More

How does it work?

Using noninvasive sensors placed on the surface of your scalp, the BrainCore system translates brainwaves onto a screen for observation. Your brainwaves are results of your neurons communicating with one another. In order to understand how BrainCore Therapy can help you, it’s important to first understand how the brain operates.

There are four distinct brainwave frequencies:

• Beta – produced when you are awake and engaged in active thought (SMR = Sensory Motor Rhythm)
• Alpha – produced mostly when you close your eyes and relax
• Theta – produced when you start to fall asleep
• Delta – produced when you are sleeping

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Research has been conducted to determine an “accepted normal pattern” of brainwaves for any given circumstances. However many people do not fall into this “normal” range. Most of the time, it’s a result of depression, anxiety, a learning disorder, or another disorder. Using the data collected through BrainCore technology, Dr. Lamboy will work with you to control your brainwaves to get them into that normal range.

Visual feedback of the patient’s brainwaves in the form of an animated game or a movie is provided instantly. The animated game or movie only plays when the patient is producing the correct brainwave. If the patient’s brain stops producing the desired brainwave, the game or the movie stops playing. Over the course of several training sessions, the brain modifies itself to begin producing the appropriate brainwaves at the appropriate times, resulting in an alleviation of symptoms or a less severe condition.

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