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When you come to Lamboy Family Chiropractic & BrainCore Therapy of Farmingdale, we want to provide you with a solution to your neurological condition – one that allows you to lead a normal and healthy life without the need for medication. From BrainCore Therapy to chiropractic services, there’s no end to what we can do for you, your children and loved ones.

Living with a neurological-based condition such as ADHD or PTSD can affect you every day. Rather than taking medication which can lead to fogginess and you not feeling like yourself, wouldn’t you want to go straight to the source? We aim to use our BrainCore Therapy to make you feel your best today and for years to come.

From Neurological Disorders to Learning Disorders, We Can Help You Lead a Normal Life

When you’re living with a certain condition, it can feel like no one really understands what you’re going through. Every day can be a battle. At Lamboy Family Chiropractic & BrainCore Therapy of Farmingdale, NY, we make your happiness and health our top priorities. It’s through our various services such as BrainCore Therapy, biofeedback therapy, physical therapy and so many others that we can help you lead a normal life. For ADHD treatment, help with learning disorders, and more, visit us for caring and comprehensive services in the Nassau County, NY area.

Give us a call to schedule an appointment right away so that you can start feeling like
yourself again.

Braincore Therapy Levittown NY
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