What is Neurofeedback?

Desired Brain Activity Linked to a Reward  

Neurofeedback is direct training of brain function, by which the brain learns to function more efficiently. We observe the brain in action from moment to moment. We show that information back to the person. And we reward the brain for changing its own activity to more appropriate patterns. Neurofeedback is training in self-regulation; it is simply biofeedback applied to the brain directly. Self-regulation is a necessary part of good brain function. Self-regulation training allows the system to function better.

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Accessible and Efficient: 

Neurofeedback is an entirely unconscious process, providing several benefits for people of all ages. It addresses problems of brain disregulation. They include the anxiety-depression spectrum, attention deficits, behavior disorders, various sleep disorders, headaches and migraines, PMS and emotional disturbances. It is also useful for organic brain conditions such as seizures, the autism spectrum, and cerebral palsy. 

Patients are free to choose from hundreds of movie and television titles for their training. Benefits tend to endure long after the process concludes. Please contact Dr. Lamboy for more information or to schedule your FREE consultation today.
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