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About Us

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Dr. Russell M. Lamboy, DC, BCN

In 2001, Dr. Russell Lamboy graduated from Life University in Atlanta, GA. Upon graduating from the school of chiropractic, he opened his first practice in Massapequa, NY. He later moved his practice to Farmingdale, NY, where he currently owns and operates Lamboy Family Chiropractic & BrainCore Therapy of Farmingdale.

Dr. Lamboy is a sports physician and holds an advanced certification in QEEG and neurofeedback. He is board certified in neurofeedback by the BCIA (Biofeedback Certification International Alliance), as well as trained and certified in advanced brain technologies, pediatric care, Thompson technique, and full spine. Dr. Lamboy combines his extensive knowledge of BrainCore Therapy with his passion to provide his community with the best care.

Trust Our Experience

While Lamboy Family Chiropractic & BrainCore Therapy is mainly focused on BrainCore Therapy, we do still provide chiropractic services, physical therapy, strength conditioning, ultrasound and X-rays, and trigger point therapy. We are your source for leading the best life possible! Don’t live in pain anymore.

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